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Cheap Travel: Saving Money on the 10 Best Winter Travel Spots

1. DEN – Denver

Aspen and Vail are the cities that come to mind most often when considering Colorado ski destinations. However, Dortha Vela of All About Travel told me these Colorado cities “are two of the most expensive ski destinations.” Plus, it turns out they’re not even that popular when compared to the capital city of Denver — perhaps for that very reason. Denver takes first place in our list of the most popular cities to visit in winter. And there’s plenty to do there besides ski, all at a reasonable cost. What to do: Aside from the close to 30 ski resorts in the city alone, you can also visit the famous Red Rocks Park and amphitheater for breathtaking views and great music, or the nearby Rocky Mountains State Park. How to save: Flights to Denver become more expensive the closer it gets to ski season, so if you plan on booking a trip to the snowy city, locking in a flight now will ensure you save hundreds of dollars. Colorado’s tourism website also has a section dedicated to aggregating deals on travel and attractions in the city.

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Grateful Dead: The Long, Strange Trip

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum is proud to present a major exhibition devoted to a truly unique American rock and roll band, Grateful Dead: The Long, Strange Trip. The exhibit opened on  Thursday, April 12, as a part of the 2012 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Week events and is sponsored by McIntosh.  

“The Grateful Dead is a band that is identified with a remarkable era in American history, and, inasmuch as they embody that era, their work is timeless,” says Jim Henke, Vice President of Exhibits and Curatorial Affairs. “They’ve inspired many performers and bands, but none has exhibited their musical depth and cultural resonance. In a 30-year career, this group wrote their own rules and created a community unlike any band before or since.”

Grateful Dead: The Long, Strange Trip explores the band from a non-linear point of view. Individual sections within the exhibit will be devoted to Grateful Dead as a recording group and a touring band, the fans who devotedly followed them, tapers and fellow travelers (people who were important to the band). It will include finished and working manuscripts for classic songs, handwritten notes from legendary taper Dick Latvala, artifacts from original sound designer Owsley “Bear” Stanley, and promoter Bill Graham’s Father Time robe and Grateful Dead Hotline answering machine.

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Charlie Dowd search continues between Fort Morgan, Colorado and McCook, Nebraska

Retired San Francisco firefighter, Charlie Dowd is still missing. Dowd was on a travel adventure from the SF Bay Area to Montreal to visit family. He did get off the train for smoke breaks and a fellow Amtrak passenger caught a image of Charlie (below).  He was wearing a Brown Princess Cruises Brisbane Australia t-shirt, grey camouflage cargo pants and white sneakers with Velcro straps, glasses and a grey bucket hat. This was the last known contact with Charlie.

Charlie may be disoriented as his medications, along with luggage and cell phone arrived in Chicago already on 9/14 without him. The medications he was suppose to be taking could cause him to be disoriented if not taken.

The family has been out looking for Charlie along the Amtrak route he would have taken. Their current focus is everywhere between Fort Morgan, Colorado and McCook, Nebraska.

Dowd was on the California Zephyr Train #6 from Emeryville, CA to Chicago. Pickups happened in Nevada, Utah, Colorado, and Nebraska. Below is the schedule of stops.

Update an hour ago (3:15 Central Time): The family is in Ft. Morgan, CO working with the Amtrak PD. The PD is coordinating search efforts in Eastern Colorado to Western Nebraska. The West Coast team is re-contacting hospitals and shelters in towns where the Zephyr stopped between Ft. Morgan and Naperville, IL. We appreciate the continued support from this extended community and ask that you continue to share this page to help us find Charlie. (missing person flyer and train route are in the photos)

Updated flyer:

Missing Person: Charlie Dowd – Please help us find him (FaceBook page)

McCook, Nebraska and Ft. Morgan, Colorado in search of Charlie Dowd

Lincoln, Nebraska residents your help is needed

Missing Person: Charlie Dowd on a travel adventure

Lincoln, Nebraska residents your help is needed

Retired San Francisco firefighter, Charlie Dowd was in route on Amtrak to visit family. He has been missing since Thursday, 9/13/12. Missing Person: Charlie Dowd on a travel adventure.

TODAY 3pm we are asking Lincoln residents to come and help us search and post fliers at the Amtrak station and in the surrounding neighborhood here in Lincoln.

Missing Person: Charlie Dowd on a travel adventure

Good friend’s and client’s of All About Travel are in search of a family friend. Charlie Dowd was making a trip via Amtrak from the SF Bay Area to Chicago. Please help us spread the word and find Charlie.

You can see updates and search parties are happening here: Missing Person: Charlie Dowd – Please help us find him on Facebook.

Missing Person: Charlie Dowd – Please help us find him

San Francisco’s top cheap eats

Last year when GQ Magazine said that San Francisco was experiencing the US’s most exciting food movement, it just solidified what most people already knew: San Francisco is a food lover’s paradise. In a city that some claim has more restaurants per capita than any other major city in the US, it’s no surprise that cuisine options are nearly as varied as they are abundant.

But let’s face it, most people can’t afford to eat at the likes of Gary Danko or Boulevard very often (if ever!), especially budget travelers. Luckily The City has some incredible cheap eats. From classic greasy spoon diners to Burmese food to burritos, the following are San Francisco staples that have been keeping its broke residents and visitors well-fed for years.

Golden Gate Bridge 75th Anniversary Fireworks Celebration

by KFOG Radio 104.5/97.7

The Golden Gate Bridge’s 75th anniversary was a spectacular waterfront festival! Thank you to everyone who joined us on Sunday, May 27, and to all our partners who helped make the day a memorable one!

Event Production by Foghorn Creative – foghorncreative.com
Video Produced by Michael Coleman – colemanfilm.com
Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy – parksconservancy.org


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Unfocused – Golden Gate Park

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A walk through Golden Gate Park, its length is about 4.5 miles and before it was transformed it use to be sandy, shore dunes.

While there you can visit a few attractions, such as the Golden Gate Park Carousel, de Young Museum, Japanese Tea Garden, California Academy of Sciences, Conservatory of Flowers, Strawberry Hill, Strybing Arboretum, Koret Children’s Quarter, Buffalo Paddock, Windmills and Tulips. You can also enjoy the Beach or Park Chalet for a wonderful dining experience, drinks or music.

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Travel Tidbits – The world’s weirdest festivals

Event Name: Baby Jumping Festival
Start Date: Wednesday, 6 June 2012
End Date: Wednesday, 6 June 2012
Venue: Castrillo de Murcia
Country: Spain
Category: Feast & Carnival

The world’s weirdest festivals
Some of the world’s most bizarre festivals, from tomato throwing to baby jumping… Telegraph (London)








Where to Find Perfect Pork Dumplings in San Francisco
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Top five adventure cruise ideas
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Unsavory truths about airplane food
The cold, stale truth is out — “tasting good” is not a top priority for airline caterers, but rather food safety… CNN





Italy’s New High-Speed Train
It may not be faster than a speeding bullet, but Italy’s new Italo–which connects Turin and Salerno, as well as Rome and Venice–sure looks like one… Travel and Leisure




Child-free flying? Airline pulls April Fool’s prank
Feeling exhausted at just the thought of flying with children? Canadian airline WestJet proposed a humorous alternative in this April Fool’s commercial… MSN.com


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Streets of San Francisco

From Barcelona to Bali

Hands-down, one of my favourite American cities is San Francisco. Although the whole state of California is pretty freakin’ rad, SFO really does stand out. It’s not a beach city, but what it offers in cuisine, attractions, shopping (!), general friendliness and yes, lots of weirdness, more than makes up for boring old sunny shores and sparkling sand.

I’ve been there twice, with both trips revolving around seeing a concert. The first time I went we saw The Tragically Hip, a classic Canuck band, at the Fillmore. Yup, the very same Fillmore where Jimi Hendrix and his entire generation of rock stars played back in the day. Second time was to see City and Colour, also at the Fillmore. Although they were two very different shows, both were amazing and intimate; I even got a few splashes of Hip singer Gordon Downey’s sweat on me. Let’s just say it…

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