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Finally.. A Roller Coaster For People Who Hate Roller Coasters.

If you’re afraid of thrill rides, then the German Tiger & Turtle – Magic Mountain roller coaster was made just for you. Why? It’s an absolutely tame, all-pedestrian “roller coaster.” The designers, Heike Mutter and Ulrich Genth, created this pedestrian experience so that even those who fear amusement rides can enjoy the views from atop the 45 meters-high “coaster.” There are 249 steps in the Tiger & Turtle, though, so you might want to wear your walking shoes.

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10 famous cuisines in unexpected places

The phenomenon of foreign cuisines relocating can be traced along the paths of migration — when the Portuguese came to Massachusetts to work on whale ships, they brought along their recipe for fish stew, and when the British Empire welcomed the people of India from the British colonies, curry houses sprouted up along the streets of London. What once was simply the food of an outsider community, however, is now an inseparable part of the cultural identity of these places.

So what does all this mean for the hungry traveler? For one, it expands the culinary possibilities in cities large and small. Excellent, authentic international cuisine can be found not only in major metropolises, but also in places where tourists less frequently go.

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