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Surf’s Way Up: Garrett McNamara Claims to Ride Record Wave in Portugal


Sunny Sleevez

boone north carolina ski

When it comes to ski resorts, the United States sure isn’t hurting for options. But for families, it can get tricky when trying to decide between great ski resorts, amazing mountains, and options for entertainment that the entire family can enjoy. Luckily, though, there are several options that stand out above the rest and provide for your family the greatest of all worlds when it comes to skiing, dining, entertainment, and more.

Here are two that top our list for the best ski resorts on the East Coast for families

Boone, North Carolina

Situated deep down south, Boone is one of the most underrated skiing locations if only for its unique charm. The home of Appalachian State University, Boone is a distinctly Appalachian town: part redneck, part hippie, and part country, but with a great and unique atmosphere to ski around. Plus, Boone is next door to Asheville, a truly…

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What To Look For When Shopping For Ski Goggles

Sunny Sleevez

We love skiing & are learning to snowboard this winter, but we’ve found that nothing ruins a day on the slopes like not having the right gear.

One of the most important pieces of gear  is choosing the correct ski goggles. This is absolutely vital as UV radiating from snow as well as cold air and debris when going down a mountain can seriously damage your eyes.

How to Choose

You will want to talk to a salesperson that is knowledgeable in what to look for. They will know the conditions of the mountain you will be on and what lenses are the best options.

1) Try them on – I know this sounds obvious but talking to a salesperson recently she said most returns & exchanges happen because the customer didn’t actually try them on before purchase!

2) If you wear a helmet (you should) bring your helmet along…

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Oklahoma’s Chainsaw Kittens,Tyson Meade Kickstarter project

Hi Everyone!
Sometimes lemons do become lemonade. I was forced to leave China for visa reasons, though I have now procured a new Chinese visa here in the State and I will be returning to Shanghai after Chinese New Year. Packing an apartment, booking an air ticket, not to mention picking up a beautifully hand tailored silver suit, within 24 hours is bizarrely game show-like to say the least. But on the lemonade side of the coin (if we can mix metaphors), I was able to record with three high school students from a prestigious performing arts high school in Houston. The clip is them working out the part and me forgetting to turn off the camera. So there is an extra two minutes of dark (literally) conversation. I hope everyone enjoys this!
Much love


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Grateful Dead: The Long, Strange Trip

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum is proud to present a major exhibition devoted to a truly unique American rock and roll band, Grateful Dead: The Long, Strange Trip. The exhibit opened on  Thursday, April 12, as a part of the 2012 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Week events and is sponsored by McIntosh.  

“The Grateful Dead is a band that is identified with a remarkable era in American history, and, inasmuch as they embody that era, their work is timeless,” says Jim Henke, Vice President of Exhibits and Curatorial Affairs. “They’ve inspired many performers and bands, but none has exhibited their musical depth and cultural resonance. In a 30-year career, this group wrote their own rules and created a community unlike any band before or since.”

Grateful Dead: The Long, Strange Trip explores the band from a non-linear point of view. Individual sections within the exhibit will be devoted to Grateful Dead as a recording group and a touring band, the fans who devotedly followed them, tapers and fellow travelers (people who were important to the band). It will include finished and working manuscripts for classic songs, handwritten notes from legendary taper Dick Latvala, artifacts from original sound designer Owsley “Bear” Stanley, and promoter Bill Graham’s Father Time robe and Grateful Dead Hotline answering machine.

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Secret sights of San Francisco

San Francisco is known the world over for its beauty, its open-mindedness and its weirdness. So it should be no surprise that the City by the Bay is chock full of strange and unique secrets. Below are just a few of favourites known only to locals, and only the locals that really explore their own back yard. Sure, we could tell you more, but some things have to remain secrets, don’t they?

The Wave Organ

Located on a jetty in the San Francisco marina, the Wave Organ is musical instrument played by the San Francisco Bay itself! Finished in 1986, the instrument is constructed of 25 PVC organ pipes of various lengths that go down beneath the jetty and into the water. As the tide changes, so do the sounds that the Wave Organ makes. It’s a great spot for a little late night make out session, if it’s not freezing cold outside. Interesting fact that might just kill the romantic mood: the jetty is made up of material taken from a demolished cemetery.