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A Taste of Africa …come join us!

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A Taste of Africa …Join us for a presentation with African Travel that explores the dazzling sights, sounds, scents and flavors of Africa. Discover travel options that provide intimate access to abundant wildlife that you’ll find no other place on earth, grand landscapes that can make even an elephant look small, and welcoming people proudly sharing their fascinating culture.

When: Tuesday October 30th, 2012 at 6:00 pm
Where:  Queen of Sheba, 2308 N. MacArthur Boulevard
Oklahoma City, OK 73127

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*Charlie Dowd** – update

We have the unfortunate news to share…


HAIGLER, NE – The Dowd family is saddened to share the news that the body of Charlie Dowd was found Friday, September 21 in Haigler, NE, an area between Fort Morgan, CO and McCook, NE. The body was spotted by a BNSF railway worker and immediately reported to the authorities.

While the family is devastated, they would like to express their gratitude for the many prayers, support, and messages posted to the Charlie Dowd Facebook page, and for the efforts of the many volunteers who have helped search for him this past week.

More details are coming soon. Thank you again on behalf of the family for the support of the many agencies, groups, and individuals who have helped the Dowd family during this time. They also ask to refrain from contacting them directly at this time to give them space to grieve and share the news with other family members.

Former firefighter Charlie Dowd went missing during a cross-country train trip on Sept. 12

The San Mateo Police announced Thursday it is joining Amtrak in the out-of-state search for missing San Mateo man Charles Dowd.

Charlie Dowd, a 69-year-old retired firefighter and resident of San Mateo, has been missing since boarding an Amtrak Train bound for Chicago on Sept. 12.

Updated information indicates that Dowd likely disappeared from the Amtrak Train on the route between Morgan, Colo. and McCook, Neb.

Amtrak Police are investigating the disappearance, and “continue to be the primary investigating entity in this case,” said the San Mateo Police Department in a news release. San Mateo Police Department has been in regular contact with both the Dowd Family in San Mateo and Amtrak during the course of this investigation.

“The San Mateo Police Department has dedicated two experienced detectives in a support capacity to assist in the ongoing investigation,” said SMPD public information officer, Sgt. David Norris.
Read more:

Missing Person: Charlie Dowd – Please help us find him (FaceBook page)

Charlie Dowd search continues between Fort Morgan, Colorado and McCook, Nebraska

McCook, Nebraska and Ft. Morgan, Colorado in search of Charlie Dowd

Lincoln, Nebraska residents your help is needed

Missing Person: Charlie Dowd on a travel adventure

Charlie Dowd search continues between Fort Morgan, Colorado and McCook, Nebraska

Retired San Francisco firefighter, Charlie Dowd is still missing. Dowd was on a travel adventure from the SF Bay Area to Montreal to visit family. He did get off the train for smoke breaks and a fellow Amtrak passenger caught a image of Charlie (below).  He was wearing a Brown Princess Cruises Brisbane Australia t-shirt, grey camouflage cargo pants and white sneakers with Velcro straps, glasses and a grey bucket hat. This was the last known contact with Charlie.

Charlie may be disoriented as his medications, along with luggage and cell phone arrived in Chicago already on 9/14 without him. The medications he was suppose to be taking could cause him to be disoriented if not taken.

The family has been out looking for Charlie along the Amtrak route he would have taken. Their current focus is everywhere between Fort Morgan, Colorado and McCook, Nebraska.

Dowd was on the California Zephyr Train #6 from Emeryville, CA to Chicago. Pickups happened in Nevada, Utah, Colorado, and Nebraska. Below is the schedule of stops.

Update an hour ago (3:15 Central Time): The family is in Ft. Morgan, CO working with the Amtrak PD. The PD is coordinating search efforts in Eastern Colorado to Western Nebraska. The West Coast team is re-contacting hospitals and shelters in towns where the Zephyr stopped between Ft. Morgan and Naperville, IL. We appreciate the continued support from this extended community and ask that you continue to share this page to help us find Charlie. (missing person flyer and train route are in the photos)

Updated flyer:

Missing Person: Charlie Dowd – Please help us find him (FaceBook page)

McCook, Nebraska and Ft. Morgan, Colorado in search of Charlie Dowd

Lincoln, Nebraska residents your help is needed

Missing Person: Charlie Dowd on a travel adventure

13yrs old Filipino boy ‘Kesz’ Valdez wins Children’s Peace Prize 2012

DLCS Management

And I was there!
With tears in my eyes…
No, I was not emotional because I was aloud to be in De Ridderzaal, The Hall of Knights (It is very rare that the Ridderzaal is opened to the public.) , where our Queen gave her annual speech to the government just a day before, but because of all the energy and positive vibes and amazing people…

Check this clip, so you understand my emotions:

A young Filipino boy who lived off a rubbish dump and slept in an open tomb has won a prestigious children’s award in the Netherlands for his work to improve the rights of his fellow street kids. Cris “Kesz” Valdez, aged 13, was handed this year’s International Children’s Peace Prize at a glittering ceremony in The Hague on Wednesday, where he received a 100,000 euro  prize.

Valdez was chosen from three finalists…

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Baja Espiritu Santo Sea Kayak Journey – La Paz, Baja

La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico — Want a warm world class outdoor vacation this winter/spring without having to rough it?  Read on.  U.S.-based outfitter Sea Kayak Adventures Inc. is proud to announce the newest addition to their Loreto, Baja repertoire of fully guided luxury camping sea kayak and whale watching tours – paddling, snorkeling and exploring the wild and rugged Island of Espiritu Santo (Holy Spirit Island) off La Paz, the capital city of southern Baja. The island is another jewel in the Sea of Cortez island collection off the southern half of Mexico’s forgotten desert peninsula, in waters teeming with whales, dolphins, colorful fish and seabirds.  The outfitter is world renowned for leading fully catered/guided groups of wanna-be novice kayakers to the turquoise coves and sea caves of uninhabited islands making up the Islands of the Sea of Cortez UNESCO World Heritage Site October through April and into remote gray whale calving lagoons along Baja’s wild west coast February through first week of  March.

“Just three hours by express van service north of Los Cabos (“Cabo”) where celebrities, mega resorts and tequila bars reign supreme, Espiritu Santo Island offers a tranquil, stress-free experience”, says company founder Terry Prichard.  “The accessibility, the history, the wildlife, the spectacular scenery and uncrowded nature of the uninhabited wilderness island makes this experience the polar opposite of the Cabo scene”.  “One could easily combine both La Paz and Cabo areas to visit on the same trip to the Baja peninsula if one wants”, he added.

“Each week we take groups of 12-13 travelers from all walks of life to a very remote part of Baja and we pamper them,” says owner Terry Prichard, a naturalist and veteran Baja guide since 1989.  He describes his guests as “open-minded people, ages 11-79, who enjoy being outdoors, being intimate with nature, but who do not want to be bothered with setting up camp and cooking.  We offer non-kayaking gray whale tours as well as sea kayaking tours. We delight in seeing our guests fall in love with Baja and the prolific marine life each week on our tours.”

Prichard and his crew paddle mostly two-person touring sea kayaks on 5 to 8-day tours departing weekly – note all tour itineraries include hotel nights in La Paz. Unlike its tippy whitewater cousin, a sea kayak is a comfortable and very stable craft, and basic paddling skills easily learned.  No previous kayaking or camping experience is necessary, as basic instruction and certified sea kayak guides are provided. Participants can enjoy naturalist-led hikes and snorkeling while the guides set up camp and prepare gourmet meals.   “Ah – savor margaritas and tapas on the beach as the sun sets, followed by sumptuous dinners crafted from the freshest ingredients. We take care of all the details while tailoring trips to meet everyone’s desires”, Prichard adds.

Espiritu Santo Island offers world class paddling in warm, pristinely clear, intensely blue waters and snorkeling in coves teeming with tropical fish, some found nowhere else on earth such as the Sea of Cortez angel fish. Opportunities for sightings of pods of playful dolphins, barking sea lions, leaping manta rays as well as fin and blue whales– the largest mammals on earth– await the patient paddler. With luck, we often see the occasional plankton eating whale shark Guests will explore sheltered turquoise coves, spectacular sea caves and headlands by sea kayak, discover lovely white sand beaches with sublime sunsets and brilliant star-gazing.  Custom tours for families and groups (such as all-women’s trips, yoga trips and families with teens only trips) can be arranged.

“For the active traveler, southern Baja has it all — striking desert scenery, sunny skies, warm water, uninhabited beaches and incredible marine life,” says Prichard of Mexico’s Baja Peninsula, adding “our Baja tours continually make lists of the best outdoor adventures available by CNN, National Geographic Traveler Magazine, Outside Magazine,, etc.  In the winter Baja is usually sunny and dry, in the 70-80’s F (26 C) in daytime and 50-60’s F (21) at night.”

All tours depart from and return to historic La Paz, the capital city of southern Baja, situated 1,000 miles south of the USA border (a 3-day drive), but just a 3-hour drive north of Cabo.  Prices start at $995 per person including airport transfer, taxes, 2 nights’ hotel, meals while kayaking, all sleeping/camping/kayaking gear, instruction and guides (1 guide per 3-4 guests). Alaska Airlines services La Paz on a daily basis from Los Angeles.  The company has operated in Mexico under full permit of the Mexican government since 1993.  The company is the first and only such outfitter to carry out all human waste, and go carbon neutral, and their local guides work actively with researchers to protect endangered sea turtles.  SKA is financially committed to the preservation of the local natural and cultural resources.

To plan your trip today:

All About Travel
6104 Northwest 63
Oklahoma City, OK 73132
info [at]

About All About Travel

Opened in 1978, All About Travel is located in the Oklahoma City area.  We are a
family owned and operated company that has strived to provide our clients with the highest quality of service for more than 30 years.  Our agents can arrange all your travel needs from the individual hotel and/or car reservation to an around the world cruise.  Nothing is out of reach.

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So the next time you need to, or better yet, want to travel…Let us help, it’s what we do.

McCook, Nebraska and Ft. Morgan, Colorado in search of Charlie Dowd

Still searching for Charlie Dowd, good friend’s and client’s of All About Travel are in search of a family friend. Dowd was on a travel adventure via Amtrak from the San Francisco Bay area to visit family.

From the FB page Missing Person: Charlie Dowd – Please help us find him: Sunday AM Update: Charlie’s last known contact was reported over 48 hours now. Our focus areas are the stops between Ft. Collins, CO and Chicago, IL. Please bombard the media outlets in the those areas to get the word out. We’ve been notifying them, have contacted local police, checking local hospitals, etc. We must be relentless in our search. We are seeing Charlie on local SF news now and hope to start hearing reports of it spreading. Keep sharing.

The Dowd family and local team are heading out to McCook, Nebraska and Ft. Morgan, CO on Wednesday morning (today). If you are able to help the Dowd family in their search, you can get updates regarding the status at FB on where they are Missing Person: Charlie Dowd – Please help us find him.

Update minutes ago (12:11p.m.): If anyone was on the Amtrak California Zephyr Train #6 from Emeryville, CA to Chicago, IL (with pick ups in Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Nebraska) and you think you saw Charlie, can you please message us? Missing Person: Charlie Dowd – Please help us find him

Thanks to everyone that has helped spread the word and with efforts in finding Charlie.

Pat Dowd

Jen Dowd

Amtrak Schedule

Lincoln, Nebraska residents your help is needed

Retired San Francisco firefighter, Charlie Dowd was in route on Amtrak to visit family. He has been missing since Thursday, 9/13/12. Missing Person: Charlie Dowd on a travel adventure.

TODAY 3pm we are asking Lincoln residents to come and help us search and post fliers at the Amtrak station and in the surrounding neighborhood here in Lincoln.

Missing Person: Charlie Dowd on a travel adventure

Good friend’s and client’s of All About Travel are in search of a family friend. Charlie Dowd was making a trip via Amtrak from the SF Bay Area to Chicago. Please help us spread the word and find Charlie.

You can see updates and search parties are happening here: Missing Person: Charlie Dowd – Please help us find him on Facebook.

Missing Person: Charlie Dowd – Please help us find him