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Amtrak to replace high-speed Acela trains

Amtrak announced plans Thursday to replace its fleet of high-speed trains on the East Coast.

The railroad said that early next year, it would begin the process of replacing its 20 existing Acela Express train sets, which run on the Northeast Corridor rail line between Boston and Washington, DC.

“Moving directly to new high-speed train sets is the best option to create more seating capacity, permit higher speeds, and maximize customer comfort all while improving equipment reliability and reducing operating costs,” Amtrak CEO Joe Boardman said in a statement.

The Acela Express train sets comprise two power cars and six passenger cars each. The current fleet started service between 1999 and 2000.

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Seattle Lights

Places Unknown and Everything Else

Prior to my recent trip to Seattle I did some research about best spots to get city shots. The most iconic photos are taken either from Kerry Park or from Dr. Jose Rizal Park. While in Seattle I went to both places, twice, to take some photos. Each time they were packed with photographers with their tripods, shooting it away. I think I got a few good shots of the city from those spots as well (coming sometime soon).

One evening I decided to go to the harbor and take some sunset photos. Didn’t see a single photographer with a tripod, just many tourists with their cameras happy snapping away, but none of the serious looking ones from the hills. And for the most part they are right, there are not that many “city” shots from the harbor, unless you are looking for one and mother nature cooperates with you…

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Top 10 Restaurants in the U.S.


According to Business Insider these are the 10 best restaurants…



  • Citronelle – Located at: 3000 M Street, NW Washington, D.C. 20007



  • Jean Georges – Located at: 111 Prince Street, 2nd Floor New York, N.Y. 10012



  • Chez Panisse – Located at: 1517 Shattuck, Avenue Berkeley, California 94709





  • Alinea – Located at: 1723 North Halsted, Chicago, Illinois 60614



  • Daniel – Located at: 60 East 65th Street at Park Avenue, New York, NY 10065



  • Le Bernardin– Located at: 155 West St., New York, NY 10019



  • Per Se – Located at: The Time Warner Center, 10 Columbus Circle (@ 60th Street), 4th Floor, Manhattan, New York





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Things to do in: Washington, DC






  • United States Holocaust Memorial Museum



  • Korean War Veterans Memorial



Top 10 Travel Attractions, Washington, DC


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