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A Million Dollar View – The Omni Charlotte Hotel

Go Away – All About Travel

A great piece about our agency on Bucket List Publications.  Thanks to Lesley Carter!

The Best Travel Accessories

A Passion for Travel

Marina Chetner

Recently I was asked to write down why I am interested in travel photography…

Well, I love the way I feel when I travel.

I remember wishing to be a travel agent when I grew-up, and I fulfilled that ‘dream’ at STA Travel, only to realise that I’d rather be the one doing the traveling. I got into the media industry to fund my addiction; ultimately, it propelled me to embark on a working stint overseas.

What interests me most about travel is anthropology; there’s nothing more inspiring than immersing yourself in another culture and being able to “walk in another person’s shoes,” to quote Anthony Bourdain.

To me, documenting travel means that writing and photography go hand-in-hand; placing images alongside words better tells the story. I’m interested in showing the reality of a place or space – using words and images to stimulate a response, a feeling. Whether…

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Huntington Beach – Surf City USA

Make Your Dreams a Reality – Bucket List Publications Online Magazine

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Travel Tidbits – The world’s most amazing natural phenomena


10 great sculpture gardens across the USA
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The world’s most amazing natural phenomena
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Army museum’s morbid oddities get new home
National Museum of Health and Medicine has collection of fascinating, disgusting objects… MSN.com



Exploring Europe’s open-air museums
Many people travel across the Atlantic in search of “Old World” Europe and to witness traditional culture in action… Seattle Times



World’s most beautiful museums
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and these museums fit different definitions of the term…Travel & Leisure



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