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Travel Tidbits – New airfare pricing rule challenged in Congress

China’s Lantern Festival
China celebrates the Lantern Festival, marking the end of the Lunar New Year festivities… Telegraph (London)






America’s Best Cities for Dating
Look for love in all the right places, because these 10 U.S. cities rank tops for their dating-friendly credentials… Yahoo Travel News



Best unromantic places around the world
Tired of thinking about romantic places to go for Valentine’s Day? Here are some unromantic locales to take your mind off of love… LA Times



A leisurely cruise down the Danube
This decidedly contemporary little adventure proved there’s plenty more to the Danube than ornate campaniles and schmaltzy music… Telegraph (London)



New airfare pricing rule challenged in Congress
Airlines are fighting the federal rule that requires them to quote airfares that includes taxes and fees, and their allies in Congress have introduced a bill to scuttle the requirement… Seattle Times



Hyatt plans six more hotels in Saudi Arabia
The Hyatt Hotels Corp. is gearing up for a major expansion in Saudi Arabia… USA Today




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