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Hear Tyson Meade’s Smashing Pumpkins-Assisted Sing-Along ‘Buddy Dash’

Alt-rock godfather Tyson Meade will return this spring with a new solo album. After spending years living and teaching in Shanghai, the Oklahoma native will release Tomorrow in Progress on May 20. Spanning a total of 10 tracks, the upcoming LP features contributions from current Smashing Pumpkins bassist Nicole Fiorentino, longtime Pumpkins drummer Jimmy Chamberlin, the Flaming Lips keyboardist Derek Brown, and a violin prodigy by the name of Haffijy, who inspired the collection.

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Oklahoma’s Tyson Meade of Chainsaw Kittens shares video of his Dad

Hi Everyone,

I am nearly finished with the record. I go to LA in a few weeks to mix the remaining tracks and maybe enjoy some sun. For your amusement, here is a clip of my dad playing harmonica. Maybe this is where I get my musical talent…or maybe not. Enjoy! I will send another update from LA. Thanks again to All About Travel for helping to make this happen!



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Tyson Meade Records an Album in China

Oklahoma’s native rocker, Tyson Meade Records an Album in China

Oklahoma’s rocker in Shanghai talking about new album

In China warming up before recording session

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and a life to everything. ” ~ Plato
Bridging the cultural gap and starting to record for the new album, Chainsaw Kittens frontman, Tyson Todd Meade brings us a video of Haffijy. Haffijy is warming up for the recording session.

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Oklahoma’s rocker in Shanghai talking about new album

On July 20th I did a write up on Oklahoma’s native rocker, Tyson Meade and
shared his Kickstarter project that will help him record his project in China. Today we bring you Tyson interviewing Haffijy in Shanghai. I will let Tyson take it from here…

This is Tyson Meade. Many years ago, I had a somewhat wild band called Chainsaw Kittens. We toured with artists like Iggy Pop, Janes Addiction, and P.I.L. (sing the Neil Young line here This is the story of Johnny Rotten – Johnny Rotten, Rotten Johnny). And bands like Smashing Pumpkins, Counting Crows and the Flaming Lips were our contemporaries. Incidentally, the Flaming Lips recorded one of my songs!

Now that I am older, I am trying to age gracefully (if that is what you want to call it these days). So I am recording an album in China with students. Oh yeah, I have been a teacher for several years now. My students are not music students. My main area of expertise is preparing students for study in America. To be honest, I had no inclination to do music again. I thought it was a great life as a younger man but not as an old codger!
However a few years ago, I met a young Chinese man (who was all of 16 at the time) by the name of Haffijy (which is his English name). He plays violin. He is one of the most talented people I have ever heard. HE should be heard by a LOT of people. Because of him, I am recording again. The following is an interview that I did with him regarding the album we are about to record!
Incidentally, I would like to thank All About Travel for sponsoring my air ticket. They are helping to make this happen. Periodically, I will be sending updates of my progress and I will be uploading videos that show life in China as I live it. Stay tuned and stay in tune! This is going to be really cool!