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A slice of Semana Santa


The week of Semana Santa (“Holy Week”) is considered the most important cultural and religious event in all of Guatemala.  Semana Santa has a long, rich history, which began over 400 years ago as Catholicism spread throughout Guatemala due to the Spanish Conquistadors.  Today, Semana Santa can be viewed throughout all of Guatemala, however, there is no city more important during this sacred week than Antigua. It can be argued that Antigua has perhaps the largest, most traditional and famous Holy Weeks in the world.  Thousands of tourists flock to Antigua during Semana Santa to witness the spectacular religious processions, alfombras (“carpets”), fabulous floats and vigils.  It is said to be an experience of a lifetime.

Unfortunately my trip was timed a month too early.  The height of Semana Santa happens the week before Easter.  However, little did I know that smaller scale celebrations start on Ash Wednesday at…

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Cancun events in March, April, and May 2012


  • Benito Juárez Celebration – March 21st, is the former Mexican president’s birthday who served 5 terms and was Mexico’s most beloved leader. If you are visiting Cancun during this time you will expect to see street entertainment, live music and numerous parties throughout downtown Cancun


  • Semana Santa ( Holy Week/Easter )– This is the most important holiday in Mexico, even over Christmas. It’s in early April, Easter festivities take place all around Cancun. You might see staged Passion plays, which are fairly common in the smaller villages. There is a two week Easter holiday in which you might witness locals smashing confetti-filled eggs on the heads of family and friends
  • 42nd Anniversary of the founding of Cancun– Throughout the month you will find the locals celebrating by singing, dancing and other cultural events with parades and street parties


  • Labour Day (Dia del Trabajo) – May 1st, a public holiday in Mexico commemorating workers’ union movement
  • Cinco de Mayo – May 5th, the country’s notable anniversary of its historic and famous victory over the French at Puebla. You will find locals celebrate with parades and fireworks.
  • Cancun International Gay Festival – mid-May, a spectacular weekend event with a range of beach barbecues, parties, live music and colorful costumes

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