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Travel Tidbits – Cunard rolls out new weddings at sea program

Cunard rolls out new weddings at sea program
That’s the word this week from U.K.-based Cunard, which as previously announced, is rolling out a weddings at sea program this year for the first time in its 172-year history…USA Today





Top five bargain destinations for spring 2012
Everything is greener in spring, including your wallet if you choose your travel destination wisely…USA Today






Best spring break getaways
Favorite family-friendly vacations… MSN.com






15 Most Romantic Places to Kiss Around the World
Fold up the picnic blanket, cancel your dinner reservation, ditch the back row of the neighborhood movie theater… Conde Nast Traveler




Where we can go for a beach vacation with good food?
Let’s forgo the all-you-can-eat and sample what’s simmering under the corrugated tin roofs…Globe and Mail




Treasures of the Danube
From Budapest to the Black Sea on a memorable river cruise… The Australian





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Travel Tidbits – 10 great places for stadium food

10 great places for stadium food
Gone are the days when dinner at the ballpark meant peanuts and Cracker Jack… USA Today





America’s Best Cities for Foodies
Readers pick the best cities for foodies, where that next great meal can come from a celebrity chef or the back of a truck… Yahoo Travel News



Sushi on a cruise ship? One line shakes it up
Norwegian Cruise Line is revamping the sushi eateries that are a hallmark of its ships…. USA Today





Irish hotels for food lovers
Four of the best hotels in Ireland for gastronomes… Telegraph (London)





An Open invitation to Eat in Copenhagen
A covered market with treats all around brings a square in the Danish capital to life… New York Times





Top 10 foodie destinations
TripAdvisor has compiled its inaugural foodie lists for around the world, so USA TODAY TRAVEL has compiled a photo gallery of the top-ranked hotels in each of the destinations… USA Today



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Seattle Lights

Places Unknown and Everything Else

Prior to my recent trip to Seattle I did some research about best spots to get city shots. The most iconic photos are taken either from Kerry Park or from Dr. Jose Rizal Park. While in Seattle I went to both places, twice, to take some photos. Each time they were packed with photographers with their tripods, shooting it away. I think I got a few good shots of the city from those spots as well (coming sometime soon).

One evening I decided to go to the harbor and take some sunset photos. Didn’t see a single photographer with a tripod, just many tourists with their cameras happy snapping away, but none of the serious looking ones from the hills. And for the most part they are right, there are not that many “city” shots from the harbor, unless you are looking for one and mother nature cooperates with you…

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Things to do in: Seattle, WA


  • Pike Place Market



  • Olympic Sculpture Park/Gas Works Park



  • Fremont Troll


 Seattle Bug Safari



Tour of Seattle Neighborhoods


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