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Surf’s Way Up: Garrett McNamara Claims to Ride Record Wave in Portugal

Travel Tidbits – Women-only hotel floors, ‘The Godfather’ director opens new resort & more

Hotel Review: DoubleTree by Hilton in Amsterdam
In Amsterdam the DoubleTree by Hilton is a glassy, minimalist retreat in the midst of the city… New York Times




Intercontental das Cardosas in Porto, Portugal.
From: The Globe and Mail

Old World charm with a sleek design in Porto
Within the remnants of Porto’s walls, there’s a mix of Gothic and Baroque architecture… Globe and Mail





Women-only hotel floors tap boom in female business travel
Walk into a room on the 17th floor of Bella Sky Hotel and be greeted by fresh flowers, fruit smoothies, fashion magazines, and a bathroom stocked with exclusive products… CNN




From hellhole to haven
Belfast’s historic Europa might have a few shortfalls but it continues to survive and delight… Sydney Morning Herald





Coppola's Blancaneaux Lodge: premier mountain resort in Belize

‘The Godfather’ director opens new resort
Francis Ford Coppola is a man of many talents… USA Today







Taj Mahal Palace: Rebirth of a Mumbai legend
The Ravi Shankar Suite in the Taj Mahal Mumbai’s Palace Wing is the newest specialty suite to delight guests returning to this icon of luxury and hospitality in India… Globe and Mail




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Travel Tidbits – All About Cruises


Another cruise line targets teens with spa treatments
Add MSC Cruises to the list of lines offering spa treatments for teens… USA Today



Carnival Cruise Lines to expand in Europe
Industry giant Carnival today announced it would offer its widest array of European itineraries ever in 2013… USA Today





Most Beautiful European Ports to Sail Into
If it could safely be argued (and it can) that visiting Europe’s great isles and cities by cruise ship is a superficial travel experience, there’s one big exception to that rule… Conde Nast Traveler



Top European River Cruises for Spring
For those cruising Europe’s rivers, it’s not always enough to simply enjoy the pastoral beauty of the Danube… Conde Nast Traveler




New Disney cruise ship on the way to America
Disney officially took possession of its newest vessel, the Disney Fantasy… USA Today





Cruise Industry sets new safety drill policy
Every vacationer boarding a cruise ship will receive a safety briefing before the vessel sets sail under a new industry-wide policy… USA Today



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Where to go Whale watching

The Cetacea hold an important lesson for us. The lesson is not about whales and dolphins, but about ourselves. There is at least moderately convincing evidence that there is another class of intelligent beings on Earth beside ourselves. They have behaved benignly and in many cases affectionately towards us. We have systematically slaughtered them. Little reverence for life is evident in the whaling industry – underscoring a deep human failing…In warfare, man against man, it is common for each side to dehumanize the other so that there will be none of the natural misgivings that a human being has at slaughtering another…” ~Carl Sagan, The Cosmic Connection, New York: Doubleday, 1973 (quoted in “Whale Nation” by Heathcote Williams, Jonathan Cape ltd,1988)

Although there are many amazing places to go whale watching, such as Hawaii, New Zealand, and Spain, I have just listed a few below.

  • Alaska


  • Azores – Portugal


  • California


  • Iceland


  • Massachusetts


  • Mexico



  • Norway


  • Scotland


  • South Africa


  • Vancouver Island


“The brain size of whales is much larger than that of humans. Their cerebral cortexes are as convoluted. They are at least as social as humans. Anthropologists believe that the development of human intelligence has been critically dependent upon these three factors: brain volume, brain convolutions, and social interactions among individuals. Here we find a class of animals where the three conditions leading to human intelligence may be exceeded, and in some cases greatly exceeded. ~Carl Sagan, The Cosmic Connection, New York: Doubleday, 1973 (quoted in “Whale Nation” by Heathcote Williams, Jonathan Cape ltd,1988)

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Blue Whale


Amazing Blue Whale – the biggest animal on Earth!