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Art and Music from Oklahoma to the Bay Area to China

On July 20, 2012 I published a story about Oklahoma’s native rocker, Tyson Meade. Tyson will be embarking on his recording journey at High Schools and Universities in China soon, as we  will be flying him to Hong Kong next week. We are looking forward to updates on his recording project to share with you.  A little more than 2 days are left on Meade’s Kickstarter page. We are happy to share that his goal has been met. However, recording an album, producing an album, and paying musicians can get costly. Any additional funding will be helpful. To be a part of this recording project, visit Meade’s Kickstarter project.

Tyson Meade by Cary Anne Photography https://www.facebook.com/Caryannephoto

On June 19, 2012 I shared with you about our client Mary Lonergan. She had her artwork splashed on a 9 foot by 12 foot billboard in Art Takes Times Square.

I will soon be publishing an interview with both Mary Lonergan and Tyson Meade.

To add to this, I recently entered some of my travel photography in a photo contest. It’s the One Life Photography Competition.  If you note the first image at the very top with the arrow, this was actually taken in the Dokumentation Center in Nuremberg.  The images include California, Oklahoma, Nova Scotia (Peggy’s Cove), and Las Vegas. To vote for my portfolio you have to be logged in and you know your vote counted when a number appears under the ‘COLLECT ME’ button.

While at the Arcadia Round Barn I took some video and will be posting about the barn with my short documentary and photos.

I will also share with you my trips to California, Las Vegas, and Canada as well. I have some great images and video to share.

How to take great landscape photos on your travels

Last week, in the new series How I Shot My Summer Vacation, professional photographer Tim Fraser taught us how to take dramatic sunrise/sunset photos.  See a gallery of reader-submitted photos here. This week, it’s all about landscapes.

Landscapes are easily my favourite photographic pursuit. They can also be one of the more grueling photos to take, depending on how determined you are to get that perfect picture. And getting that perfect picture means going the extra mile – but isn’t that what makes it worthwhile? You want something to hang on your wall, not just something you’ll throw up quickly on TwitPic.

I tend to follow two pillars that go hand in hand in elevating your picture from snapshot to spectacular: preparation and perspective.

While it’s best to have your camera handy in case that pristine picture appears before you, often it’s not that easy. Great photographers have an ability to prepare for what they are shooting. They stare, analyze and anticipate.

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Roman Baths in Bath

50 Year Project

We didn’t have a lot of time to spend in Bath, but I made sure to visit the Roman Baths in this delightful town.  The baths are well-preserved and are a kick to wander around.  More than one million visitors pop in each year.  Most of the baths are located under the streets.  The bath pictured below is just a fraction of the Roman Baths during their heyday, roughly 2,000 years ago. In addition to seeing the baths you can visit the Grand Pump Room, where you can eat in the restaurant.  Also, you can sample the water from the warm spring.  If you would like to plan a trip to the Roman Baths check out this link.

The Grand Pump Room.

Here is my sample of the water.  It had a strong smell and a slight metallic taste.  It wasn’t the best water I had.  And it wasn’t the…

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50 Year Project

I finally made my way out to Stonehenge.   When I first moved here I purchased a Living social deal for a tour to Stonehenge and Bath.  However, each time we tried to plan the trip, the tour company was overbooked or something would come up.  On March 10th we had success.

I’m going to be honest, I don’t know a whole heck of a lot about Stonehenge.  And after listening to our guide, I’m not alone.   For some reason though, I’ve always wanted to see it.   Our guide told us that about 900,000 people visit each year.  Stonehenge is located north of Salisbury.  It is believed that it was erected from 3000BCE to 2000BCE.  In 1986 it was added to the UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites.

I hope you enjoy the photos.  And if you have your own theory about it I would love to hear it…

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