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Travel Tidbits – Top 10 Puerto Rico experiences

Puerto Rico is rich with history and full of adventurous travel experiences, like snorkeling.

Top 10 Puerto Rico experiences
Puerto Rico is the fodder of many a Caribbean daydream for good reason… CNN






Bangkok Essentials
Thailand’s peak season begins in November, when it’ll be prime time to enjoy beautiful weather in the country…. IndependentTraveler.com





Boats on the beach at Pui O Bay on Lantau Island, about an hour by ferry from Hong Kong. The island has hiking trails, a large monastery and a fishing village.

Peaceful camping near chaotic Hong Kong
A mix of rural and urban, East and West, and enough distance from the bustle of the city for a peaceful break, without eliminating conveniences like accessibility or indoor plumbing… Seattle Times





Oaxaca’s Marvelous Markets
Elise Loehnen leads the way through the Central de Abastos market… Conde Nast Traveler






© Frank Hoppe
Roll into the V8 Hotel in Stuttgart, Germany, home of Mercedes-Benz and considered the birthplace of the gas-powered automobile. In the Car Wash room, visitors sleep in a converted 1973 Mercedes and can simulate the car-wash experience with a full-body dryer in the bathroom.

The world’s quirkiest hotels
These themed getaways offer a chance to step out of the everyday… MSN.com









"The Rathmullan House Hotel had come recommended as child-friendly and turned out to be a twinkling gem of a place" Photo: ALAMY

The delights of Donegal
Relax, explore and play on the beach in Donegal… Telegraph (London)







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Mexico for the wary: A guide to safe, popular travel spots

Scared of narco-terrorists? So are we.

But that doesn’t mean we’ve written off all of Mexico, where the ramped-up war against and between violent drug cartels has spooked many would-be visitors.

Border areas notwithstanding, “most of the country has a pretty low crime rate,” and tourists usually aren’t targets, notes international security expert Bruce McIndoe of iJET Travel Intelligence. “Yes, there’s room for collateral damage, but you can get struck by lightning, too.”

Even the U.S. State Department, whose recently expanded warning cautions against non-essential travel to parts or all of 14 (out of 31) Mexican states, exempts most of the country’s marquee tourist spots — including these nine:

To read more: Mexico for the wary: A guide to safe, popular travel spotsUSAToday.com

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Things to do in: Oaxaca, Mexico


  • Mercado de Abastos



  • Monte Alban



  • Fundacion En Via combines tourism and micro-finance to fight poverty in Oaxaca, Mexico. Learn about the town and connect to the culture, development and daily lives of the Oaxaca women this foundation helps.



  • Templo de Santo Domingo de Guzman



Oaxaca, Mexico



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