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McCook, Nebraska and Ft. Morgan, Colorado in search of Charlie Dowd

Still searching for Charlie Dowd, good friend’s and client’s of All About Travel are in search of a family friend. Dowd was on a travel adventure via Amtrak from the San Francisco Bay area to visit family.

From the FB page Missing Person: Charlie Dowd – Please help us find him: Sunday AM Update: Charlie’s last known contact was reported over 48 hours now. Our focus areas are the stops between Ft. Collins, CO and Chicago, IL. Please bombard the media outlets in the those areas to get the word out. We’ve been notifying them, have contacted local police, checking local hospitals, etc. We must be relentless in our search. We are seeing Charlie on local SF news now and hope to start hearing reports of it spreading. Keep sharing.

The Dowd family and local team are heading out to McCook, Nebraska and Ft. Morgan, CO on Wednesday morning (today). If you are able to help the Dowd family in their search, you can get updates regarding the status at FB on where they are Missing Person: Charlie Dowd – Please help us find him.

Update minutes ago (12:11p.m.): If anyone was on the Amtrak California Zephyr Train #6 from Emeryville, CA to Chicago, IL (with pick ups in Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Nebraska) and you think you saw Charlie, can you please message us? Missing Person: Charlie Dowd – Please help us find him

Thanks to everyone that has helped spread the word and with efforts in finding Charlie.

Pat Dowd

Jen Dowd

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A Million Dollar View – The Omni Charlotte Hotel


Why this trip:  First and only orca preserve in the world; best single time and place in the world to paddle with salmon-eating orcas; sheltered waters and quick tour perfect for novice paddlers; orcas guaranteed in August – or you get a free orca watching day cruise!

TELEGRAPH COVE, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA — Sea Kayak Adventures, Inc. invites outdoor-minded folks (novices welcome!) to join its four-day guided paddling trips July and August 2012 through the wilds of British Columbia’s Johnstone Strait off northern Vancouver Island, camping at an exclusive basecamp at THE heart of orca territory.  The company is now rounding its offerings to novice kayakers by adding this new “Orca Quick Adventure” four-day tour to its repertoire of six-day kayak tours in the area.  This narrow sheltered orca freeway is world renowned for its summer congregations of hundreds of “killer whales” following the salmon runs funneled from the sea into this specific area.  In fact, Canada is the first and only country in the world to establish and maintain an orca preserve there.  The Michael Biggs Robson Bight Orca Preserve is set aside specifically for this unique species called “northern resident orcas”.

Participants will paddle two-person sea kayaks through the glacier-carved waterways between Vancouver Island and the rugged mountains of mainland British Columbia.  Along the way, they’ll get close to wild orcas, as the strait is a traditional gathering place for these whales. Guides scan the calm waters for spouts and point out whale behavior.  Bald eagles dot the towering trees along the shore, feasting as do the orcas on the prolific salmon runs here.

The group will also explore the area’s rainforest on foot, visit the ancient First Nations sites, visit orca researchers and hopefully glimpse a black bear from their kayaks.  Each night, they’ll camp on secluded island beaches where they can watch orcas from their tents.

Normally trips depart from Port McNeill on Vancouver Island BC Canada – weekly July through mid September.  Pricing includes camping and kayaking equipment, meals, kayaking instruction and guide services.


To plan your trip today:

All About Travel
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Oklahoma City, OK 73132
info [at] allabout-travel.com

About All About Travel

Opened in 1978, All About Travel is located in the Oklahoma City area.  We are a family owned and operated company that has strived to provide our clients with the highest quality of service for more than 30 years.  Our agents can arrange all your travel needs from the individual hotel and/or car reservation to an around the world cruise.  Nothing is out of reach.

We can help plan your honeymoon, your destination wedding or the much needed getaway for two.  Don’t forget about your business, we can handle all the travel needs for your company as well.  Anything from an airline flight and hotel for a meeting or all the planning needed for your next company-wide seminar.  We can arrange hotel space for all attendees and meeting rooms for all purposes.

Our agents travel to many destinations on FAM trips (Familiarization trips) these trips are designed by tour operators and cruise lines to make certain that travel agents are up-to-date on popular destinations and cruise ships.

So the next time you need to, or better yet, want to travel…Let us help, it’s what we do.

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