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Travel Tidbits – Cambodia after the killing fields

A New Way to See Sicily
In the hilltop city of Corleone, the sacred meets the extremely profane… New York Times




10 great places for a rural ‘haycation’ 
U.S. farm vacations around … USA Today








The best of Las Vegas: Daytime
Vegas visitors have ever-expanding options of where to stay, eat and play… USA Today








An Eden for Rare Birds in Hawaii   
Rare birds aren’t a rarity in Hawaii, which leads the nation with 35 birds on the endangered species list… New York Times








Cambodia after the killing fields
Yes, you want to visit Angkor. But for a more complete understanding of the Southeast Asian nation, also include visits to Khmer Rouge-era sites… LA Times



It’s a Bear’s World in Kodiak, Alaska

Kim Hubbard for The New York Times

Kim Hubbard for The New York Times

Some of the best-known bear watching spots are on the mainland just across the Shelikof Strait from Kodiak… New York Times






To plan your trip today:
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To plan your trip today:
All About Travel
6104 Northwest 63
Oklahoma City, OK 73132

Traveling Vegan

Only a small fraction of marine life is being protected. 70% of our world is made up of water, interestingly 70-75% of our bodies is also made up of water. Less than 1% of our water is protected from the devastation that overfishing and overeating fish is doing to our world’s waters. Species after species are being depleted in our oceans. Bluefin Tuna being one of the species that has become endangered. Some restaurants of our world still serve Bluefin Tuna on their menu. Mitsubishi has cornered a large percentage of this beautiful species for profit.


In your travels think about visiting some of the Marine Reserves there are in the world. Imagine a sea that is plentiful and full of an array of amazing species.


In Western Australia you have Shark Bay, Hamelin Pool Nature Reserve.


Marine Protected Areas:


Some marine reserves around the…

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