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Cycling Across Canada: Line dancing and wildlife in Calgary

Travel Destination Bucket List

As the towering mountains gave way to prairie flatlands, the big city congestion greeted me as I cycled into Calgary and struggled to find the Hosteling International hostel on the east side of downtown.

A vibrant city with loads to do, I quickly settled into the hostel life and joined the party and bbq.  Before you knew it, a group of us were off to Cowboys nightclub – touted the best bar in town!  Advertising for Cowboys – “Cowboys has been the biggest and best venue for boot-scooting fun every night in Calgary Proven by those who pack the club each week.  Whether it’s the wannabe cowboys and cowgirls or the horse-riding, hay-pitching variety, they all find what they’re looking for at Cowboys.”  Not wrong – the place was packed.  I didn’t stand a chance in the crowd of partygoers and cowboy hats!

We headed off the next day to…

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Cycling Across Canada: Banff and Lake Louise

Travel Destination Bucket List

Cycling across Canada, I had the privilege to see so many stunning places – Banff and Lake Louise, both iconic, were top of my bucketlist of places to spend some quality time!

Lake Louise, also known as the jewel of the Rockies, was my first bucket list stop.  The Hosteling International Lake Louise was like a gift.  The place was packed with a mix of people, including a few other cyclists and tonnes of hikers.  They had live music on the patio when I arrived and the place was full of life.  After living on packaged noodle dishes for the bulk of my adventure, fresh food and drinks with ice cubes (again with the simple pleasures – who knew ice cubes could bring so much joy!!!) was more than I could ask for.  Met a tonne of people, some there to hike and see the Rockies, others just out to…

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