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Just Another Temple in Cambodia – But Oh wat a Temple!

A Word in Your Ear

If the King’s Palace in Cambodia is all too formal/expensive for you I have an alternative that is close by and does not cost a cent.   Walk up the road with the Palace walls to your left.  A couple of streets up on the right is a very old temple.

Gateway to temple complex

Everything here is crumbling but of course this adds to the ambience.

There were no mangy dogs and the monks are happy for you to look around.

There are some interesting statues in the grounds – not sure what is going on here!

Loved this statue

It really pays to screw your courage to the sticking post and have a wander off the beaten track – this is what you could find.  Amazing stuff. And of course you can have a  well-earned drink at the Foreign Correspondents Club just down the road.

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Bike Riding Through the Cambodian Countryside

Travel Tidbits – All About Cambodia

Cambodia’s Sweet Spot    
Coastal Cambodia is ripe for travel right now, still mostly itself, with roads and a few nice hotels. But the clock is ticking until the concrete and crowds arrive… New York Times



Phnom Penh’s New Expat Hot Spot
Phnom Penh has become a trendy expat hub, and the best new restaurants, shops, and hotels are inspired by Cambodia’s rich history… Conde Nast Traveler



Cambodia: Scholar-led tours of Angkor temples    
The ancient temple complex in Angkor, Cambodia, represents remnants of the Khmer Empire from the 9th to 15th century… LA Times





Getting off the beaten track in Cambodia
Towering majestically over the jungle, and sometimes tangled up in its monstrous roots, the temples of Cambodia’s ancient city of Angkor have inspired awe for centuries… CNN




Road-Tripping in Cambodia – Journeys    
Up ahead lay the decaying remnants of a French hill station where colonists used to while away their weekends when they ruled this Southeast Asian country…New York Times





Homage to the new Cambodia
Our pepper-red Eurocopter swung south-east over the expanse of the ancient West Baray reservoir and suddenly I could see the sandstone towers of Angkor Wat , the largest religious building in the world, glowing like a set of giant chess pieces in the Cambodian sunshine…The Telegraph



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Travel Tidbits – Cambodia after the killing fields

A New Way to See Sicily
In the hilltop city of Corleone, the sacred meets the extremely profane… New York Times




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An Eden for Rare Birds in Hawaii   
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Cambodia after the killing fields
Yes, you want to visit Angkor. But for a more complete understanding of the Southeast Asian nation, also include visits to Khmer Rouge-era sites… LA Times



It’s a Bear’s World in Kodiak, Alaska

Kim Hubbard for The New York Times

Kim Hubbard for The New York Times

Some of the best-known bear watching spots are on the mainland just across the Shelikof Strait from Kodiak… New York Times






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