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Sea Kayak Adventures with Killer Whales

Terry & Nancy Prichard, owners and operators of Sea Kayak Adventures, Inc. have been leading quality tours since 1993.

This July they will be kayaking with a group in the Johnstone Strait. Johnstone Strait is known for the number of orcas (killer whales) that return to the area to feed on the salmon. So your adventure would guarantee seeing orcas. This is a nice reassurance. Last summer I was in Nova Scotia and paid for a whale watching tour and not one whale spotted. We did get to take pictures of many birds that trailed our boat for the food the tour conductor was feeding to them.

Limited space is available on the upcoming tour to Johnstone Strait to sea kayak with the whales. Make your arrangements now.

Awards and Achievements of Sea Kayak Adventures:
2009 Recipient of National Geographic Adventure Magazine’s “Best Adventure Travel Companies on Earth”
2009 National Geographic Traveler Magazine’s “50 Best Trips of a Lifetime”
2010 National Geographic Travel.com “Best Deals for Adventurous Travelers”
2011 National Geographic Traveler Magazine’s “Best Whale Watching Locations”

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