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Airlines using biofuels to cut down on carbon emissions

Nearly 3 billion passengers carried by the world’s airlines will generate approximately 650 million tons of carbon emissions according to Bettina Wassener of the NY Times.

Just in November of last year we had many airlines using biofuels as an alternative for the first time. Some of the fuels are being derived from cooking oil, algae, and vegetable oil.

Solazyme Inc., which started in a garage in Palo Alto is a provider of biofuels made of microalgae. United announced on November 7th, 2011 that they signed a letter of intent with Solazyme to purchase 20 million gallons of the biofuel annually. This will take place in 2014.

SkyNRG another biofuel company in the Netherlands is providing biofuels for airlines such as KLM, Asia Pacific and others.


Some of the Airlines that are using biofuels are:

US Airlines/Alaska Airlines started using biofuels on 75 of their flights on Nov. 9th, 2011






Virgin Airlines


Continental/United Airlines

“You don’t have any difference at all in terms of performance of the airplane or operations by the pilot,” said Capt. Jackson Seltzer, a 25-year Continental veteran


There is a great deal of controversy around the use of biofuels. The use of factory farmed animal waste and fats used by Tyson Foods-Syntroleum joint venture with Dynmaic Fuels has it’s downfalls.


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