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Views of Temple Bar section in Dublin

EarthCam and the Temple Bar Pharmacy have teamed up to deliver exclusive live views of the Temple Bar section in Dublin, Ireland. This famous city spot is a major center for nightlife, restaurants and bars and is a must-see for many tourists.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Hear Tyson Meade’s Smashing Pumpkins-Assisted Sing-Along ‘Buddy Dash’

Alt-rock godfather Tyson Meade will return this spring with a new solo album. After spending years living and teaching in Shanghai, the Oklahoma native will release Tomorrow in Progress on May 20. Spanning a total of 10 tracks, the upcoming LP features contributions from current Smashing Pumpkins bassist Nicole Fiorentino, longtime Pumpkins drummer Jimmy Chamberlin, the Flaming Lips keyboardist Derek Brown, and a violin prodigy by the name of Haffijy, who inspired the collection.

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Final Mixing on Oklahoma’s Tyson Meade and Friends Album

And now for the Grand Finale that started about a year and a half ago which has involved me getting kicked out of China twice, having nothing to do with the government but has more to do with inept Chinese sponsors but then that is another story. What you are seeing is the studio where I mixed a couple of the final songs. This one is called Buddy Dash and I have Guy Erez from Alan Parson playing bass, Kevin Dippold on guitar, Haffijy on violin, the wonderful Nicole Fiorentino duetting and the insanely fantastic Jimmy Chamberlain playing drums! ENJOY!! Again, thank you All About Travel for making this happen!
As you watch the video, you will undoubtedly notice the gold records. Yes, those are gold records.

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Oklahoma’s Tyson Meade of Chainsaw Kittens shares video of his Dad

Hi Everyone,

I am nearly finished with the record. I go to LA in a few weeks to mix the remaining tracks and maybe enjoy some sun. For your amusement, here is a clip of my dad playing harmonica. Maybe this is where I get my musical talent…or maybe not. Enjoy! I will send another update from LA. Thanks again to All About Travel for helping to make this happen!



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Tyson Meade Records an Album in China

Oklahoma’s native rocker, Tyson Meade Records an Album in China

Oklahoma’s rocker in Shanghai talking about new album

Finally.. A Roller Coaster For People Who Hate Roller Coasters.

If you’re afraid of thrill rides, then the German Tiger & Turtle – Magic Mountain roller coaster was made just for you. Why? It’s an absolutely tame, all-pedestrian “roller coaster.” The designers, Heike Mutter and Ulrich Genth, created this pedestrian experience so that even those who fear amusement rides can enjoy the views from atop the 45 meters-high “coaster.” There are 249 steps in the Tiger & Turtle, though, so you might want to wear your walking shoes.

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10 famous cuisines in unexpected places

The phenomenon of foreign cuisines relocating can be traced along the paths of migration — when the Portuguese came to Massachusetts to work on whale ships, they brought along their recipe for fish stew, and when the British Empire welcomed the people of India from the British colonies, curry houses sprouted up along the streets of London. What once was simply the food of an outsider community, however, is now an inseparable part of the cultural identity of these places.

So what does all this mean for the hungry traveler? For one, it expands the culinary possibilities in cities large and small. Excellent, authentic international cuisine can be found not only in major metropolises, but also in places where tourists less frequently go.

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Only in San Diego: 5 quirky things

(CNN) — San Diego is a veritable repository of the unique, the one-off and the rare.

This southern California city is home to the world’s largest lemon (the 10-foot-long fiberglass behemoth sits in Lemon Grove, a small town in metro San Diego) and also boasts the world’s largest collection of memorabilia from the late Dr. Seuss, who was a longtime resident of the city’s La Jolla community. And two products that couldn’t be more different, the ubiquitous WD-40 lubricant and Dr. Bronner’s soaps, both have roots here.

Check out five more quirky things unique to San Diego:

A civic organist who gives free weekly outdoor concerts

A public uproar broke out in 2011 when local leaders threatened to cut the city’s staff organist, a position that’s been on the payroll for nearly a century. Every Sunday afternoon since the organ was donated by sugar heirs John and Adolph Spreckels in 1914, a staff organist has stepped up to the keys of a 50-ton pipe organ at a pavilion in Balboa Park.

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10 Places To See Before They’re Gone

Places, much like animals can become endangered, and some of the world’s most amazing sights are gradually disappearing. Scientists say climate change has been affecting oceans, reefs, beaches, and even cities. Development is another danger for once-pristine, off-the-beaten-path spots and their cultures. Here are 10 places on the brink of forever changing, and some threatening to disappear altogether. Trust us, you want to see these now, just remember to travel responsibly and respectfully.

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World’s 12 best shopping cities

From a shopper’s perspective, frequent traveling can be crippling. It can get worse in the holiday season where Christmas dominates many people’s calendars. Why buy something in one city when a trip to a better shopping city is coming up?

To pinpoint which cities around the world deliver the most gratifying, enjoyable shopping experiences, we consulted global experts, such as fashion merchandising firm Donegar Creative Services and Marie Bergfelt, senior spokesperson for Global Blue, which publishes the Globe Shopper City Index.

Then we judged cities in four areas, using a one-to-10 scoring scale for each category:

1. Getting around: Quality of public transportation, affordability and availability of cabs, transport time

2. Value: Bargain opportunities, such as sale seasons and average prices.

3. Variety: Number of available brands, range of shopping categories, quantity of upscale shops, department stores, boutique and vintage retailers and market stalls.

4. Experience: City beauty, quality of window displays and shop décor, friendliness and competence of clerks and service staff, dining and accommodation options.

Then we charged into the breach.

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