Secret sights of San Francisco

San Francisco is known the world over for its beauty, its open-mindedness and its weirdness. So it should be no surprise that the City by the Bay is chock full of strange and unique secrets. Below are just a few of favourites known only to locals, and only the locals that really explore their own back yard. Sure, we could tell you more, but some things have to remain secrets, don’t they?

The Wave Organ

Located on a jetty in the San Francisco marina, the Wave Organ is musical instrument played by the San Francisco Bay itself! Finished in 1986, the instrument is constructed of 25 PVC organ pipes of various lengths that go down beneath the jetty and into the water. As the tide changes, so do the sounds that the Wave Organ makes. It’s a great spot for a little late night make out session, if it’s not freezing cold outside. Interesting fact that might just kill the romantic mood: the jetty is made up of material taken from a demolished cemetery.

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