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Former firefighter Charlie Dowd went missing during a cross-country train trip on Sept. 12

The San Mateo Police announced Thursday it is joining Amtrak in the out-of-state search for missing San Mateo man Charles Dowd.

Charlie Dowd, a 69-year-old retired firefighter and resident of San Mateo, has been missing since boarding an Amtrak Train bound for Chicago on Sept. 12.

Updated information indicates that Dowd likely disappeared from the Amtrak Train on the route between Morgan, Colo. and McCook, Neb.

Amtrak Police are investigating the disappearance, and “continue to be the primary investigating entity in this case,” said the San Mateo Police Department in a news release. San Mateo Police Department has been in regular contact with both the Dowd Family in San Mateo and Amtrak during the course of this investigation.

“The San Mateo Police Department has dedicated two experienced detectives in a support capacity to assist in the ongoing investigation,” said SMPD public information officer, Sgt. David Norris.
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