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Earthship Biotecture Green Buildings – Taos, New Mexico

Traveling Vegan

I discovered an intriguing documentary title on Netflix, theGarbage Warrior. After reading about it and watching a trailer I added it to the Netflix queue. It’s about architect Michael Reynolds and his vision of how a structure should be built in consideration of the environment. He’s been involved in green, eco-friendly architecture since 1969 when he began his work after graduating the University of Cincinnati. Reynolds’ Green Earthships are self-sustainable homes made out of recycled materials. Used tires, plastic bottles, glass bottles, and beer cans are the tools that make up the thermal mass of these self-sufficient homes. 

Within a month of seeing the Garbage Warrior a road trip to Taos, New Mexico was scheduled with plans to stay at The Phoenix. The Phoenix is an Earthship that is currently for sale, located at the “Greater World” Earthship Community just west of Taos, New Mexico across the Rio…

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