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Places to eat in: New York, NY

I asked some of my friends who frequented the area or live in the area some of their favorites. This is what they shared:

  • Moumouns for BEST falafels – located at 119 MacDougal St/22 St Marks Place



  • Blossom one of my personal favorites located at 187 Ninth Ave – Best Vegetarian food I’ve had in my travels. I could eat this food everyday.



  • Katz Deli is located at 205 East Houston Street



  • Barrio Chino for the best Habanero Margaritas ever! Located at 253 Broome Street





  • Veselka – East Village – 212 228 9682





A big thanks for their input: Jeff Shelton, Renee Emanuel, Liz Vap, Bob Cisternino & Kristine Jimenez. Please list your faves that you would recommend…

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