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Berkeley Hills Spa off of Highway 13

Swiss therapy showers @ The Claremont Hotel Club & Spa

Swiss therapy showers @ The Claremont Hotel Club & Spa in the Berkeley Hills

Nestled up to the Berkeley Hills is an oasis off of highway 13, The Claremont Hotel Club & Spa. Scenic views of the San Francisco Bay are wondrous.

The Spa Claremont is a treat in itself. It’s probably a great idea to show up at least one hour before your bodywork treatment. The facility has some really spectacular amenities you can enjoy before and after your massage. It is a great way to revitalize.

Some amenities include: Spa Hydrotherapy Circuit (Spa Ritual); Deluge shower, Swiss therapy showers, Eucalyptus steam room and Jacuzzi.

The Spa Ritual is included with all Spa services. Monday through Thursday The Spa Ritual services are available to Salon guests. The services are available 2 hours before getting your hair or nails done. It’s a free service available to you that you won’t want to miss.

Deluge shower – “on a closed water system, a waterfall shower that provides 30 gallons per minute of water pressure for a neck & shoulder water massage”. This is a great way to loosen up those tight muscles before your bodywork treatment. It feels so amazing; you may want to do it more than once.

Swiss therapy showers – “all of the bathing showers have multiple shower heads for a blissful showering experience”.

Eucalyptus steam room – “steam room with uplifting eucalyptus to open breathing passages”.

Jacuzzi – A beautiful space to soak away your stress with an incredible view of the San Francisco Bay Area.

Packages also include Club access, which include the indoor/outdoor Jacuzzis, steam and sauna, swimming pools, & fitness.

The spas Tibetan Sound Massage is one of their most unique treatments available. “During this massage, Tibetan singing bowls are placed on or around the body’s chakras and then rung to instill a deep sense of calm and well-being.”

Tibetan singing bowls (meditation bowls, Himalayan singing bowls) have been around since about the 18th Century. Although there is some controversy about this time frame due to lack of history on the bowls. They were used for a number of things such as Tibetan ceremonies, Buddhist meditations, sound therapy, and as a tool for holistic healing.

Traditionally the bowls are made of seven metals, one metal for each of the planets. Gold representing the Sun, Silver representing the Moon, Mercury for Mercury, Copper as Venus, Tin as Jupiter, Iron would be Mars, and Lead for the planet Saturn.

The Tibetan singing bowls have three sets of double tones producing a binaural beat. “Binaural beats are auditory brainstem responses which originate in the superior olivary nucleus of each brain hemisphere”.

The spa also offers Lomi Lomi, Thai, Prenatal and Shiatsu massages to name only a few from their upscale menu of treatments.

Packages also offer access to The Club where you can get a full workout using their weight room, cardio equipment, or attend Pilates classes, one-on-one yoga sessions or sign up with a Personal Trainer.

Jacuzzi - Overlooking the San Francisco Bay & Claremont Resort and Spa

Jacuzzi - Overlooking the San Francisco Bay & Claremont Resort and Spa in the Berkeley Hills

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